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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

Action is fine in Trek so long as there's a purpose to it. TNG, by it's movie days, wasn't immune to the dumb action syndrome either. Unless you call a 60 year old man in a dune buggy chase with space orcs, quality writing.

The 90's were the golden age of Trek to me as well, it's the stuff I grew up on. TNG was a hit every week. DS9 was the high water point of the franchise to me in terms of quality. Voyager was good, but used technobabble and rehased TNG styles way too much, the TNG movies were rather hit or miss, mostly miss, and Enterprise... well that was the show I quit watching in season 2. A pity, if they had the quality of writing they had in seasons 3 and 4, the show might've made it.

Honestly I think people were just burnt out on Trek by the early 2000's. Not the hardcore fans, but the casual viewers who do make up most of the income. So it's not a bad thing we went a few years without any to revitalize interest. I just wish the NuTrek was more than we've seen right now. Mindless action does seem to describe it at times.
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