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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

Both teams are now doing well, but did the deal really do that much for the Dodgers? (i'm on the Sox end of it, so obviously not complaining, as that end worked out great)

-Beckett: Bad, then on DL, not sure if going to be able to pitch again
-Crawford: Terrible, 20M bench player at this point, 5 more years? or 4?
-Gonzo: Decent, but at 21M? Hit about .300, 'only' 21HRs. Good, for sure, but not the expected great
-Punto: throw-in, whatever.

Again, i'm happy with the trade, but not sure the Dodgers got as much out of it as is being said. And they took a quarter-billion on in salary and gave up a couple good prospects (and a couple fillers) in the deal.

Both teams are doing well in the wake of the trade, but was it the cause for the Dodgers? Hanley's been just as important for them, no? And Beckett was actively hurting them.
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