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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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As with all reboots and remakes, these will be quickly forgotten, especially since they don't bring anything substantial and new to the table. All they did until now was Part 1: The Reboot, and Part 2: The Re-Use of a Previous Villain.

Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, while having the same Part 1 and Part 2, left a deep footprint on the franchise, because what it offered had great impact and was truly fresh and new to the franchise. Cumberbatch's Khan in comparison to Montalban's Khan was in no way as exciting and fresh as Ledger's Joker in comparison to Nicholson's Joker or any previous Joker incarnation. Abrams' "lens flares because the future is so bright" approach is nowhere near as well done as Nolan's "realistic, down to earth take" on the Batman universe (and yes, I'm well aware of the controversy regarding the word "realism" in that context).

When people think of James Bond, they immediately think of Sean Connery, and then of Daniel Craig. Because Connery was the first and mostly considered the best, and then Craig's Bond movies left their mark as being special Bond films. People might also think of Roger Moore, but more because of the camp.

And my main problem with the Abramsverse is - I said that years ago about Part I and it hasn't changed with Part II - there is NOTHING in these films that needed the reboot of TOS. You could have told the story of Part I in the TNG universe, with the same style, and the same characters. A group of young hotshot cadets, one of them lost his father, the other one struggles with being between two worlds, Picard instead of Pike as mentor, a crazy Romulan with a black hole weapon, and Vulcan gets destroyed, Picard retires and hot shot cadet becomes hotshot Captain of the Enterprise-E. Part II, a section 31 conspiracy and an extremely angry spy with special abilities, eventually the hot shot cadet/captain sacrifices himself to save the Enterprise-E falling into the atmosphere, and the bad guy's Section 31 super secret battleship destroys half of San Francisco.

I don't feel any attachment to the names Kirk, Spock and McCoy, and they are played by different actors with entirely different takes on these characters anyway, so I don't see the reason. Because some guy in the marketing department thinks that Kirk == 100 million dollars box office and Unknown == 1 million dollars box office. Yeah right. How well they can actually pre-determine the box office performance of their films we already know.
I agree with most everything you said there up until the end. The 09 movie(annoyingly without a name still), was at least fresh and seemed to indicate they might go outside the box by destroying Vulcan, even if you apparently had to buy a comic book to realize Nero really isn't an idiot who was just twiddling his thumbs for 20 years waiting for Spock.

Into Darkness... well that one really offered us nothing new at all. It cherry picked elements from across the franchise, tossed them into a blender and viola! "New" movie! By all accounts they set themselves up for another re-hash of Khan in the third movie out for revenge, though I guess we'll be a few years waiting and seeing on that one. Still, nothing we haven't seen it would seem.

There has always been a fad in Hollywood for rebooting things. It's a lot easier than coming up with anything original after all, and the people will pay every time. I'll agree the Dark Knight triology was a good example. Though to me Pierce Brosnan is the Bond I grew up with.

You're right about the plot, down at it's core, people simple enough you could swap out generations, characters and what not and not have to change too much. I will say you're wrong about the NuKirk, Spock and McCoy not drawing in people. They are, even if they're in reality just names attached to different people that are completely different than the heroes of old. But most people don't know or care about that and just want a good action movie, and figure they've heard of that Kirk guy and he's good for it. It's historic fact in Hollywood you can repackage the same product and keep selling it over and over again. Just the way it is.
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