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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

Horrible, horrible ending that makes no sense in context with the storyline. Why would they spend the whole season establishing that Dexter's motivation is that he loves Hannah and is ready to move on with his life, and then subvert the entire thing in the final episode? One of the cores of Dexter's character throughout the series is his dedication to his family and his desire to protect Harrison in particular, and suddenly he changes his mind, leaving him with Hannah who herself is also a killer and has no parenting experience whatsoever? Where was Harry during all of this? "Hey Dex, I really think you should rethink the whole euthanizing Deborah and dumping her body in the ocean thing, for the sake of her family and friends if for no other reason ..." Complete whackery of a finale that felt like it was written using mab libs.
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