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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

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Berman Trek lives and dies by 'The Best of Both Worlds". That moment, that summer of 1990, was the height of Modern Trek. Everything else that came after it in the Berman Era built off that moment. Period.

Trek began to wane in popularity by TNG's 7th Season. Personally, I loved DS9. But I cannot ignore the fact that less people were interested in Trek. Berman Trek had great moments in the 90s, but it was hardly "forward thinking". The shows had the same pacing, music and style. The stories were, for the most part, blocked out the same and became bland. It became "Star Trek paint-by-numbers". Good, but like pizza is good. By ENT, Berman Trek was stagnant.

Like him or hate him, Abrams brought life back to Trek, like Harve Bennett did with TWOK.
Abrams has breathed life back into Star Trek but I wouldn't call trying to reinvent old characters & rehashing old stories from previous movies as "forward Thinking". I would say there was a lot more originality from the Trek in the 90's compared to what we have seen in the last 2 films.
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