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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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As with all reboots and remakes, these will be quickly forgotten,
Like the John Carpenter remake of THE THING? Like the Cronenberg remake of THE FLY? Like the new-and-improved BATTLESTAR GALACTICA? Like every Dracula adaptation since Bela LUgosi? (Sorry, Christopher Lee and Gary Oldman!) Like the Richard Lester version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS? Like every SUPERMAN movies since Kirk Alyn? (Sorry, Christopher Reeve!)

"all reboots and remakes" is way too sweeping a statement!
Most? I already listed exceptions with the TDK trilogy and Craig Bond films. There are some versions of previous works that leave a big mark, no doubt about that. I don't see something like that in the Abramstrek films. They have their 15 minutes of fame but then they will be "forgotten", especially if TOS gets rebooted again and again.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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