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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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You know, I sometimes wonder how much the objection to reboots simply comes from seeing one's encyclopedic knowledge of pop-cultural trivia rendered obsolete. "No, not after I memorized all those Starfleet registry numbers and Cardassian history!"

On one hand, I understand that pang. I have stacks of DC Comics reference books and back issues that can no longer be relied on for research purposes. On the other hand, that's not really a compelling reason to bring back a discarded continuity.

STAR TREK is more than just an encyclopedia of fictional facts about an imaginary future. In the grander scheme of things, Trek trivia contests are not as important as telling compelling stories that will appeal to everyone, not just those of us who can recite all of Kirk's exes by heart.
The whole "Dear god, what have I wasted my life doing?!..None of it matters anymore!...I...I am a basement dwelling nerd!!" moment.

I can see it.

On a serious note: You're probably right. And then toss in the concept of Hate Reading, and some things start becoming a little clearer about the more zealous of the anti-reboot crowd.

Not saying some people do not have a genuine dislike for the new movies. That I can get: people have different tastes, the wheel in the sky and all that. The people who take it as a personal affront, who make it an issue of being personally owed something, who go after the production team on a very personal level, those people have lost touch with reality--IMO.
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