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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

The 90's was Trek's most prolific period, where they churned out the most episodes, movies, novels, comics and toys - but I see it as an era of creative stagnation. It was the era of "canon" where imagining a vast universe was replaced with TPTB telling us what to think - the novels don't count, none of the old manuals or timeline books count, the Original Series doesn't really count wherever there were conflicts with anything new. It was the era of meaningless babytalk techbabble solutions, incomprehensible inch-thick technical manuals and novels written under the most ridiculous contraints imaginable. DS9 borrowed heavily from Babylon 5. The Voyager actors were told that the ship was the star of the show, not any of them. Considering all of that. it's amazing how much enjoyable content was created.

Give me the 60's series, the 80's movies and the rebooted ones over the 90's any day. Relatable, fun characters and adventure in a colourful universe. I love it
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