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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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Don't worry about not having seen Amok Time... I'm pretty sure the folks who wrote this didn't either. I guess I'm really one of the few people who has a problem with the whole Torres/Vorik fight thing. Tuvok says she has the right to be her own "defender" and if she loses Vorik gets her... so essentially she's fighting to keep Vorik from raping her.

Paris really is the only saving element of the episode, I did like how he tried to be a gentleman during all this... even when Tuvok says he must "help her." Right... "You must screw this incredibly horny woman, who has no control of her self, Mr Paris. It is the only logical thing."

I get how Vulcans would be standoffish about turning into hormone driven sex maniacs every six years... but by this time, you think they'd all have gotten together to discuss this. There was at least one female Vulcan on Voyager or at least there was at some point.

Wouldn't they have planned this out in advance? Wouldn't that be... oh... logical?
In general I like this episode a lot, I'm a big paris/torres fan

Even if B'Elanna had lost the fight I doubt it would have ended in them having sex if she was against it.

I agree with you about Tom, given his reputation you would think he would have jumped at the oportunity the very minute she brought it up in the cave. But I think it shows a lot about him that he resisted her. When it comes to Tom I think on the outside he's that carefree womanizer who makes jokes about everything, but on the inside I think he's quite sensitive and still kind of that little boy seeking his father's approval

as for the other vulcan, vorik implied that he considered all the available women, which I'm assuming includes any vulcans, and he chose B'Elanna. Vorik and Tuvok both made it quite clear that it's not something they talk about, even talking about it to each other was increidbly difficult to them, so I would think that Vorik apporaching a vulcan female would have been out of line for him
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