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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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I seem to remember, in a Star trek II treatment, that the first idea was to have a highly evolved couple have Kirk and Khan fight--maybe Decker and Ilyia?
I remember that, too. They were called Sojay and Manta or something like that. Very Superman II.
The development of The Wrath of Khan script is well told in an article from Star Trek The Magazine (Vol. 3 issue 5), also with some interesting storyboards of the unused versions of the script.

The Sojay and Manta version is detailed also in the book "The Making of Trek Films" by Edward Gross (first edition, Appendix 4: The Unfilmed Star Trek II)

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If we start talking about various script treatments and early unfilmed scripts this is going to get messy and off track, BUT it is an absolutely great topic for a new thread.......

"Unfilmed TOS movies scripts and treatments."

I'm just too darn tired too start one.
I'm sure you know the good job mainly for the television series done by Dave Eversole (who is also a user of this Forum) on the Orion Press website.

However I fully agree, that's anoher topic, and I find it absolutely... fascinating.

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