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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Credit to the Sux manager John Farrell, he brought that team out of the Bobby Valentine disaster. However, Manager of the Year should go to either Don Mattingly, the Dodgers came from Worst to First this season or the Skipper of the Bravos Freddie Gonzales, the Braves were plagued with injuries,compensate and stayed in first place all season long. And are the NL East Champs.
I believe there is a MAnager of the Year award in each league.

I actually think they brought Valantine in to accomplish what happened.

They sucked, dumped tons of salary and a punk (Becket) and ended up getting the players they wanted.
Yep, and it is amazing what that deal did for both the Dodgers and Red Sox. Results were not insantaneous last season but they have manifested themselves this season for both teams.
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