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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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Galaxy was a ship of exploration, and it got replaced by Ent-E due to the Borg threat..but Ent-E is still a good well rounded starship. Vengeance isn't--it is a flying weapons battery.
I see no reason to think the Galaxy class was "replaced" by the Sovereign class -- especially since we see numerous Galaxy-class starships participating in key engagements throughout the Dominion War, yet we've only ever seen a single Sovereign-class starship in the Enterprise-E.
As the Galaxy replaced the Ambassador as the flagship class. I had always thought of the Sovereign Class as the successor to the Excelsior class rather than a replacement for the relatively new Galaxy Class. Can't see why the Galaxy class would need to be replaced after 8 years.

Had the Ent-D survived I'm sure it would have remained the flagship for many years.
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