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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I finally finished the book myself. [And I'm finally caught up to current!]

I didn't think it was terrible, but I found it very similar to a lot of DRG's last couple of novels. Twilight is one of my favorite DS9 relaunch books, but almost everything since has been in a style that just doesn't mesh well with me. He seems to like to write a lot about characters standing and thinking, or reflecting on events, rather than actually showing the events unfolding and living in the moment. It ends up feeling like a series of meetings.

That said, I actually think Revelation and Dust had somewhat less of that than the previous three books. It did have movement in places. Overall I'd say it is a good start, but how good it is longterm will depend on the following books.

How the Keev storyline will tie in to the rest of the books makes me the most skeptical. Now that we have information about the rest of the novels in the series, I'm not really sure where they would feasibly conclude that arch in. And how it would tie into the greater plot going in with the federation.

She describes landing in a cargo bay. Whose? I think it's the Even Odds, and Taran'atar is one of their crew. They must have saved him at the last second somehow.
I really hope it is! I was curious if their super strange 'holodeck' room might tie into things. Or it could be that Kira has been booted into the past.
I presume the Kira story is for future Deep Spave Nine stories, rather than the Fall. So some other author will maybe take over that plot. Arguably the book felt like a new relaunch pilot or twilight, setting up the status quo heading forward; one just hopes the editors ensure future authors keep up their and drgIII's ideas going forward
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