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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

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The "Abrams movies are dumb action flicks" chant gets tiresome. Anyone whose watched them without preconceived notions about what Star Trek is, knows this simply isn't true.

The Abrams films hold up quite well when compared with what the franchise has produced before.
The simplest answer to this is "No". I watched these films without any expectations of what I wanted them to be. These are stupid action films, which is why many Trekkies call them stupid action films. Because they are... Stupid... Action... Films.

I'm not patronizing you or trying to be a douche, but I'll try to explain my opinion in more details...

Why are they stupid action films, you may ask? Where's my proof? First off, I'll agree that these new Star Trek films are very little departure from most of the TNG films which were also mostly stupid nonsense. The 2009 film was an acceptable action film, but the stupid aspects of it were so many that I can't see how it can be considered Star Trek. The look is sort of right, but the feel is wrong. The emphasis is on the physical, not the cerebral. The characters are all hyper charged for the sake of stereotyping. Uhura is promoted to the third main character, a change I will never forgive. Her character is terrible and completely out of sync with her original counterpart and the Spock-Uhura relationship is boring and bereft of all chemistry. Poor Bones has been demoted to nothing.

All this aside, Into Darkness was a new level of awful. All it did was rip off from all other Star Trek films into a convoluted stupid mess. The laziness of the writing, the stupidity of the story (super blood that brings people back from the dead??????????) and the endless references (rip offs) were just cheap and unnecessary. Why not make a very good original story with interesting developments which makes the audience think? The reason is obvious, because these films are made to only make money. There is no real interest in making a good movie with an interesting story, just something safe that will make money. Which is why they used all the cheapest tricks to draw in all the Star Trek nerds to see it. I was one of them.

With The Butler, Into Darkness is the worst film I've seen in theater this year.
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