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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

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In retrospect, I think the 90s are when Trek was completely debased by bad movies, endless spinoffs, and pretentious nonsense like that embarrassing gala UPN Trek anniversary special which resembled an awards show. The 90s were when Paramount decided that fans would tune in to anything with the name Star Trek attached to it and so began churning out spinoff after spinoff like a Star Trek Fun Factory. The 90s were when Star Trek really became a franchise, a la McDonald's. The 90s, IMO, almost ruined Trek.

so... not a fan of DS9, Voyager, STVI or Star Trek First Contact, huh?

I don't know if the '90s were the "golden age" of TV Trek, but 1991-96 was the period when Trek hit its peak in its mainstream appeal.
Agreed the 90's were the peak of Star Trek. TNG & especially DS9 had my excited about watching Star Trek each week. Sadly something that hasn't happened since DS9 finished in 1999.

Everything after the original series is a spinoff! so why people complain about them is beyond me.
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