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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

Although my point wasn't really directed at physical products or the commercial franchise surrounding Star Trek. I do agree that during this time, especially after First Contact that the franchise started to sell out (or just get tired). I also agree that the TOS films were far superior to the TNG films. First Contact was really the only acceptable TNG film (others probably disagree) while TOS had at least four good ones.

By my count there were roughly 470 episodes of Star Trek released during the 90's, I would think at least 300 of them would be considered good to great episodes. It's unavoidable that in this pile of good stuff some horrendously awful elements trailed it. The commercial element of Star Trek has always been an issue to me, the TV spots are really lame in a sort of campy, funny way. I don't care in any way about the merchandising, the only appeal I find in Star Trek is in the substance the show brings.

I also agree with the words stated that Enterprise was cancelled when they started getting good. I watched the first season back in the day and some parts of the second before tuning off. It wasn't bad, just never really came alive. It was later that I decided to go all the way and was really surprised how good they turned out in the end, the serialized format (two to three story arcs) really worked well for Enterprise. The finale however, was very lackluster.

The 90's was the peak of Star Trek, but I would argue it also had the best of Star Trek but also some of the worst. I think this "Golden Age" will never be brought back or revived, for I think J.J. Abrams movies are pretty embarrassing, especially Into Darkness. They aren't Star Trek for me, they're dumb action movies, which is fine except I'm not looking for dumb action in Star Trek.
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