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Will ST3 be more like a big budget version of Movies I-VI?

one thing ive been thinking lately is as ST09 and STID are more 'TOS' 60s trek in regards to the whole design, look and feel (uniforms, equipment, nancells, sound FX, lighting, logo etc) then maybe the third one will be more movie 80s trek inspired in relation to all that stuff

Obviously there were a lot of references, nods etc to the movies in ST09 & STID but really they are big budget updatings of the 60s tv show - telling the origin that was never told (even though it was an alternate origin) and Space Seed rebooted (with a heavy does of Trek VI and Trek II). so perhaps ST3 might be like a big budget updating of the 80s original crew movies I-VI (or more specifically I/II/III/IV) telling the untold ‘Lost Years’ story post 5 year mission - the beginnings of the movie era (with 'Ongoing' filling in the 5 year mission years - so we'll see them at the time we never did in TOS - after the 5 year mission, just like the way we never saw the characters come together/begin the 5 year mission in TOS until ST2009 - at least in an alternate universe way) or even post TMP/pre TWOK. the crew will be decked out in more TWOK style uniforms (with Pine sporting a thick black 'fro LOL) with similar field jackets, the look of the bridge could be less bright/more TWOK, the Ent looking more sleek like TMP Ent, the sound FX/SFX of the warps/beaming/phasers could be more movie style, mushroom style spacedock with the massive blue lit interior housing all the ships (instead of the K7 style), movie characters like Decker (Stephen Collins playing Commodor Matt Decker?), Ilia, Capt Terrel, Kruge, Savvik, Sybok and movie ships like Excelsior, Reliant, more Horner-esque music etc...maybe even use the movie font instead of TOS font on the posters/opening credits

Maybe thats what the end of the various nods/homages to I-VI in the 2 films (esp the TMP style uniforms for Marcus, Pike etc) are suggesting/foreshadowing - that the movie version of star trek has been fast tracked
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