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Re: Starship Cargo Volumes Compared

I really love the idea of such calculations (still remember the volume of TOS Enterprise's impulse engines in its WIP thread), but I have a few questions / issues:
  • Constellation Class: There seems to be a lack of quarters for the ship's personnel and I'm unable to find the engineering section. It must not necessarily be twice as big as Enterprise's but I'd say 4 nacelles require corresponding engine room space.
  • Excelsior Class: I believe the chasm (unless occupied my mission specific modules that could qualify as cargo) allows to take smaller vessels "aboard". IMHO, quite an improvement over the TOS Enterprise. Supposed it's an Orion vessel these suicidal maniacs could take out the entire TOS Enterprise by exploding their ship inside the shuttlebay. Try this in the chasm of the Excelsior, most of such an explosion would probably vanish through the opening and cause much less damage.
  • Miranda Class: From the TOS Enterprise to the TNG Enterprise it had been established that any shuttlebay doors work mechanically and don't glow like these stern features of Reliant and her sisters or cousins. IMO these are merely inserts for cylindrical cargo containers (curiously ST II is the only film to mention "cargo containers" ) which could also be attached to these areas above. I can't really see the need why every starship has to have shuttlecraft (but apparently these areas were used for such purposes in the pilot DS9 episode).
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