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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

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Jefferies and Jein seem to indicate in their commentaries making Enterprise series IX DSC.
I think you are mistaking (Franz) Joseph for (Matt) Jefferies. Joseph and Jein obviously interpreted the "Mark IX/01" annotation in the primary phaser schematic (both Khan and Scotty were looking at) not to refer to the type of primary phaser but to the kind of starship it belonged to although the other annotation made it abundantly clear that this phaser belonged to a "starship" of a "Constitution Class".

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Even the Daedalus did not exist as an idea until TNG times (the model was based on a rejected idea for the enterprise right?).
That is both correct.

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It's been a while was it ever said explicitly in the series how many connies there were? If so that doesn't mean that's as many as there ever were obviously
In "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" Kirk told Captain Christopher that there were "only 12 like it [the Enterprise].
Dorothy Fontana interpreted that line as ultimate when suggesting to come up with names, but "continuity guru" Bob Justman replied that she was suggesting to come up for the 12 ships of the "Enterprise Starship Class". Obviously neither him and Roddenberry objected ("there are more than 12"), thus it's 12 Enterprise Class starships at the time of TY.

Further reading of The Making of Star Trek suggests that the Producers, indeed, only envisioned 12 Enterprise Class starships and that's were Greg Jein got the idea for his treatise from.

Of course, he never considered the possibility that there might be 12 Enterprise Class starships and an unkown number of Constitution Class starships. Instead he made them all "Constitution Class" and that's where the headaches began.

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