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****Christmas tree pic snipped****

Was shopping at Macys today for luggage and stumbled upon this.
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^Whoa, come on, let's get through Halloween first! Geez! I saw Xmas trees at the mall while with my mom today. REALLY?!

I swear, if people want Christmas to come faster, they need to find a TARDIS. Now THOSE will be Christmas trees! (And snowmen, too!)
I don't want those snowmen...

Sheesh, even Michaels and Hobby Lobby don't have their Christmas trees out yet!
A friend of mine went into a Hobby Lobby in late July / early August, and they had their Christmas stuff out already. I was thinking it may have been one of those "Christmas in July" type sales, but no, the stuff was out permanently until Christmas!

Does anyone remember when stores would actually decorate and sell stuff for Thanksgiving?
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