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Re: was NX01 ever referred to as 'The' Enterprise?

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So, you don't correct people who are wrong? You just let them be wrong? If someone said 2+2=5, then that's just their custom?? How can you be so apathetic about mistakes? Do you not care about people?
That's getting melodramatic over something extremely trivial. You repeatedly keep claiming that a widely used form of address as being wrong, when there isn't an actual law that says it is. As such, you're really fighting windmills here.

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What's to move on from? The OP's question was answered. The fact that C.E. Evans wants to say people have the right to make mistakes and call them "customs" is intriguing, and I was hoping to follow up on it.
Once again, it's not a mistake, just a different manner of address.

So, why the Enterprise and sometimes the Defiant, but only once (that I recall) the Voyager? DS9 was usually just "the station", which makes sense, because it's one of many and the characters were referencing the station that was of primary interest to them. But would it ever be called the Deep Space 9? Why or why not? Is Enterprise a special name that demands the specific article? Why not just an Enterprise? There were many of them, after all. Why would all of them be the Enterprise? Wouldn't that be confusing?
The majority of people couldn't care less. Ships are addressed both with and without "the" in their names. It's unimportant to the general public and not something it gets upset about.
BK613 wrote:
In casual conversation, both modes were used when I served (US Navy). Any differentiation was whether you were speaking of the command (peeps serving aboard) or speaking of the object (the vessel itself.)

Of the command:
"Enterprise has been ordered to the Neutral Zone."

Of the object:
"The Enterprise has sustained heavy damage."

Never a hard rule though.
It's this in a nutshell, Pavonis. No one is a bad person and going to be sent to prison or Hell if they address a ship with "the." Some people may do it, some people may not. It's just that simple and not something to get all worked up about.
"Don't sweat the small stuff--it makes you small-minded..."
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