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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

I completely agree. The 1990s was the best time for star trek. Especially the first half. I could find star trek merchandise everywhere. And at a decent price too. Best being the Micromachines. THe star trek micromachines to this day are my favorite piece of star trek merchandise ever released. I was a child in the 90s (turned 14 in 2000), and all of star trek appealed to me. There was no such thing as a bad episode. I imagine if i were still a child, the new trek movies would have really appealed to me as well. But as a child I grew a great anger toward star wars, because I kept seeing SW merchandise replacing ST merchandise. I ask where the star trek merchandise was and the stupid walmart, kmart, hills employees would direct me to the star wars merchandise. This started happening in 1997. When Insurrection came out, I could not find a model of the Enterprise E anywhere. Not even the ugly playmates toy. And I was raised in a family with no credit cards, so there was no ordering out of magazines...
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