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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

Oh wow.

Nolan's direction turned Bale's WONDERFUL acting in that test into a cancer-striken, word-eating hooligan.

I guess he does deserve all that directing cred people give him, because that seems fucking impossible.

EDIT: I misheard Nolan's attribution of Bale's two voices as "we" rather than "he", so I posted a petty, unfounded rant about him being a talent-less hack here. Despite it being funny, I regret doing so in err.

Now back to blasting Nolan for things he's actually done, like the third act of TDK and TDKR as a whole. Oh, and managing to completely butt-fuck Bane because Tom Hardy got bored of being in horrible rom-coms and wanted to be in a train-wreck of a Nolan joint.
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