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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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...I don't want the "prime timeline" back. It's time to move on.
I don't know if I entirely agree. One of the endearing things about cultural icons like Star Trek and Doctor Who is that they haven't been rebooted. Star Trek has found a unique way to continue anew, and Doctor Who has had one of the most brilliant runs in modern sci-fi television. I think what Star Trek needs, fundamentally, is to return to TV, a return to good story telling, and, for the fans, enough familiarity to sell that, whatever universe the show is set in, it's in a style that is Star Trek, focusing on character development, social justice issues, and new and interesting concepts. Take risks. Kill off major characters. Have a huge, overlaying, dark plot, but give hope, faith, and loyalty a core with your new crew, and you're set.

It is indeed time to move on, but the thing about Star Trek fans, we Trekkies are THE MOST LOYAL fans to our show. Unlike Fanboys, who criticize and hate everything but the original trilogy, we Trekkies tried our hardest to love everything with a Berman or Abrams influence, even if it went against our taste, principles, or both.

As a Trekkie, and a fan of other quality television writing, I think that if you stick to those core elements, while getting serious, doing cool shit, and having the time of your life doing it, if you can communicate that to your audience, you're completely set.

And by the way, Captain Jack Harkness needs to be there. It's time for that, too.
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