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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

The one thing that really needs to be kept in mind is that with any long-running fictional property, every incarnation has an expiration date. At some point, it has to end and be replaced with a new incarnation.

Sherlock Holmes? Countless different versions.

Robin Hood? Same.

Tarzan? Same.

Dracula? Too many to count.

King Arthur? Ditto.

Superman? Yup.

Batman? Yup.

So it has to be with Star Trek. Now, while I am no fan of Abrams or his reboot, I'm not opposed to the idea of a reboot. I'm not against a new incarnation of Kirk, Spock and McCoy and their adventures. If the characters are true to their cores, if the franchise remains visually recognizable, if the stories are well-told and retain the spirit of the original, why would I have any objections to it? It doesn't have to be "prime timeline" to be good. And let's be honest, there's some really terrible stuff in the "prime timeline" that should not be held on to. We can all point to episodes and movies that were either total failures or missed opportunities. Just because it's "prime timeline" doesn't make it good. Also, we can't ignore the fact that Trek as it was had run out of juice. It was burned out, and copying the TNG formula with Voyager and Enterprise had already done enough damage. There comes a point where you have to accept it's time to start over. And yes, that does mean returning to Kirk, Spock, and company, as they're the signature characters.

Now, does that mean you're obligated to like it? No, not if it's done poorly. But if it's done well, if it's got good storytelling and the characters are true to themselves, what reason is there to object? Quality is more important than convoluted, insular continuity, especially when bringing in new fans is absolutely crucial to the survival of a franchise. Trek spent too long being stagnant and samey, and going back to that would be suicidal. For whatever misgivings I have with the Abrams movies, they have helped to make Trek accessible to new fans and new blood. And that's what the franchise needs. I'd rather have a vital franchise that may eventually yield a reboot I can fully embrace than one that repeats itself ad nauseum and plunges into irrelevancy.

So no, I don't want the "prime timeline" back. It's time to move on.
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