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Re: 2013 Star Trek HOT WHEELS - Excelsior, Kelvin, Vengeance, BoP

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On an off topic, has anyone figured out how to dig the ball socket out of these ships when the stands break? I just had my original series 1701 stand break off, and I don't know how to get that thing out without damaging the ship itself...I considered drilling...
Yeah, that's a toughie. I'm not sure it would even drill out very easy. Maybe a tiny bit could get in there enough to pull out. :/

I'm hoping that since the stopped using the transparent plastic that kind of think won't happen with the 2013 releases. I've noticed that transparent plastic isn't very robust, the few 2009 HW ships I have the stands have warped and the ships are all droopy (but at least mine haven't broken yet).
I think I'm going to use a small drill bit, drill a little hole, and then use a a 4 x 1/2 wood screw...(its what I have availible) screw it in a little bit, and then try to pull the screw while still attached to the ball joint out with pliers, hopefully that will work.
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