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Spock's child - yay or nay?

I've been thinking, it was long-speculated although never confirmed nor disproven that the reason Saavik remain on Vulcan in STIV was that she was pregnant with Spock's child, having conceived during STIII after helping the regenerated Spock relieve his pon farr.

If a new series came along set in the prime timeline, how would you all feel about a character being Spock's offspring? By the llate 24th century, they would be about 120; middle-aged for a Vulcan. It might provide a nostalgic link to TOS and might also cement the cryptic line in "Sarek" about Lt. Picard attending Sarek's "son's wedding" (to Saavik?)

Or would this be a dumb idea, or maybe just redundant, having yet another Vulcan following Tuvok and T'Pol?
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