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ENTER | TOS Avatar Contest #34: The Apple

Last time in the TOS Avatar Contest:
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And the winners are...

"Mirror, Mirror"

TOS Theme:
"Nurse Chapel"

Random Theme:

Congrabulations to the winners!

And a big thank you to everyone who entered and/or voted!

This weeks themes are:

Episode: "The Apple"
Primitive inhabitants of Gamma Trianguli VI worship a God who orders them to kill visitors from the Enterprise.

TOS Theme: "Trek Weapons"
Includes all hand weapons, ship's weapons, any tools of death and destruction used in the original series.

Random Theme: "Money"
Can include instrumentalities of the modern electronic economy, e.g. ATMs and online banking.

Entries must conform to trekkbbs avatar rules i.e. max size 150x150 pixels and max file size 140kb.

Entries will be accepted for 10 days from the date of this post with the subsequent poll lasting 4 days.
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