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It's not the first time Star Trek looked so distinctly military:

At least in this film, compared to the Wrath of Khan, they argue they're not military.

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Also I know what you mean by the feeling being off, it's like something is missing or Star Trek is trying to be something it isn't and it ain't working out.
Aren't you someone who admits to not having watched all of TOS? Star Trek: The Original Series and Modern Trek are two distinct animals. Star Trek was action-adventure and Modern Trek was more of a straight drama. So if you hold the Abrams films against Modern Trek, obviously something will feel 'off'.

Whether or not a person likes or dislikes the films, I don't think there's much argument that they were built in the image of TOS, not the spin-offs.
Indeed, this over and over again. To an extent, I'm a bit annoyed at how much TNG and subsequent Treks have become the standard of what Trek is. Due to their popularity, this is understandable, of course, but people forget what TOS was really like, in my opinion.
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