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Re: First-person narratives

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Ah, the danger of writing sex scenes in first-person . . .

True story: Many years ago, I was at a convention when somebody praised me for including a gay sex scene in my most recent story. This puzzled me since I didn't remember writing one (not that there's anything wrong with that). Then I figured it out:

That particular story had been written in the first-person and I guess I hadn't made it clear enough that that the narrator was a woman, so when she hooked up with a guy at one point, the reader had assumed that "I" was also a guy . . . perhaps because the story was by a male author?

Which just goes to show that first-person is trickier than it looks!
That's because you never go into the details!
Yes, obviously it wasn't a very explicit sex scene!

And, yeah, I kinda wonder how that reader missed the fact that the narrator was nicknamed "Tiger Lily."

(Obviously not a Peter Pan fan.)

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