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Re: First-person narratives

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Ah, the danger of writing sex scenes in first-person . . .

True story: Many years ago, I was at a convention when somebody praised me for including a gay sex scene in my most recent story. This puzzled me since I didn't remember writing one (not that there's anything wrong with that). Then I figured it out:

That particular story had been written in the first-person and I guess I hadn't made it clear enough that that the narrator was a woman, so when she hooked up with a guy at one point, the reader had assumed that "I" was also a guy . . . perhaps because the story was by a male author?

Which just goes to show that first-person is trickier than it looks!
LOL well to be fair I have also noticed a lot of readers (and TV/Film viewers) have comprehension issues that have nothing to do with what the author has written.

Also sex scenes are often awkward for me to enjoy in first person or third person. It's a bit TMI for me.
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