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Re: Was the Star Trek 4 Ent-A bridge a redress of the Excelsior bridge

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But of course some redresses are more wholesale than others. For instance, since they made the surface elements for the "Measure" courtroom, it was useful to recycle them for the Hathaway bridge. Just as the Stargazer bridge before it had been just a fairly light redress of the battle bridge set, with different consoles and seats but the same shape and structure, essentially just the back half of the set with a new, closer front wall put in.
Great points. On this topic, do you suppose that it was redressed/refurbished the way it was with the intention that it could eventually be used as another bridge, battle bridge et al? I've always thought it was a strange layout for a courtroom, what with the raised section and the obvious viewscreen behind the judge.

Christopher wrote: View Post
That's a surprising comment, because to me it's precisely the other way around. TFF had a bunch of new sets -- the bridge, the maintenance corridors (which were then recycled in TNG: "The Hunted" as the Jefferies tubes), the brig, the turboshaft (much as we try to ignore it), and a hangar deck that was basically a full-scale recreation of the TOS hangar. The transporter alcove is unchanged from TNG, but the rest of the transporter room is redressed back to TMP specs. The officer's lounge was probably a Ten Forward redress, but extensively enough that it isn't obvious. The corridors look the same, but they'd looked pretty much the same since TMP. Sickbay does have some TNG-style Okudagrams on the wall display, but we barely get a glimpse of it. And the engine room isn't seen at all. I'd say that they mostly did a good job hiding the reuse of TNG sets.

Conversely, in TUC, engineering is obviously the TNG engine room with its distinctive warp core and 24th-century Okudagrams. There's a blatant TNG-style replicator alcove in the crew-quarters set. The transporter room has the TFF-style console and shielding, but otherwise it's essentially in its TNG configuration. The officer's lounge is obviously the TNG lounge with its distinctively shaped windows; only the walls and table are redressed, plus the fancy light fixture above the table. The President's office is recognizably a Ten Forward redress, with the same doors and with the shape of the windows concealed only by curtains, while the TFF lounge had different windows and doors. Sickbay has movie-era beds but the overall room is clearly the TNG set. The use of redressed TNG sets is far, far more blatant in TUC.
I admit that TFF has a good amount of new sets, but when they are reusing TNG sets it seems so obvious because of the lack of redressing. The scene with Sybok's armed men running down the corridor comes to mind - it was just so blatantly obvious that it was the TNG corridor set. There were no changes to color, lighting, or anything. The orange doors even had their TNG-style labels on them. And I'm pretty sure they just used the TNG sickbay - I think Scotty was in the main bed under the circular ceiling piece. IIRC you can even see the ceiling piece at one point.

Other than the warp core, in TUC, they actually made an effort to redress, re-color and differently light the sets. The warp core would have been a hard one to work around... frankly since it was relatively unnecessary for the plot I'd almost rather they just left it out or shot it from such an angle as to not show the core. I guess though, the effort put forth is why I can be more forgiving.

Different strokes, I guess.
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