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Well it's my first post on this discussion board. I'll admit to being very surprised how many people here actually think that the movie is one of several shades of A. I think that it's bad and I was very disappointed.

I grew up on Star Trek TOS being old enough to have appreciated the 3rd season still in its first run on TV. And then subsequent years in syndication. I have loved all of the other series and have all TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT on DVD and pretty much watch them all the time. It did take me a while to get to know DS9 but now I love it.

I liked most of the movies.

We got the Into Darkness DVD when it was released a bit over a week ago. The kids like it so I've seen it three times.

I really don't like it and I was curious what other star trek fans actually thought as opposed to the general public. So I googled a bit and found this forum.

I guess I'm in the minority and I'm really surprised. Though I'm not here to say anyone is right or wrong. I am surprised.

To me it's just not Star Trek.

Military hats for Star Fleet officers? What? I understand that this is a "reboot" and a new timeline as of some 25 years from the time of the movie but millitary hats?

And I'm sorry but Klingons would not have different DNA as a result of a changed timeline from 25 years ago.

I liked Star Trek 2009 because I think it still had the star Trek feel. And no I don't know how better to describe that feel. That's even though it's preposterous to make a Star Fleet cadet who hasn't even graduated a full Captain. But I liked it.

I don't like Into Darkness. To me the whole feel is just off.
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