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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

True... yeah I mean honestly I think her medical career is all but over. I think they even set that up in Season 4 when she messed up her hand. Sure they said it was healing but really... after this thing with the accessory to murder thing and just her connection to the club. I think the only medicine she'll be doing is patching up Tig's ass when he gets bitten it bitten again or shot or his new doggie bites off his finger.

Although jail time... nah, I think by that list of deeds, Unser deserves jail time. Same with the Sheriff and his 'cowboy' actions in Season 5 after his wife was killed. The Mayor's dirty as sin. Pretty much everyone in Charming LOL.

But I think this is part of their way of turning Tara into Gemma's harder mini-me. Gemma's a hardass and a master manipulator but Tara's... she's something more dangerous. She's probably just as devious but she balances it with her more altruistic side. At this point though, all she's got left is Samcro. Same with Jax.

I think the only way the series could end well for the Tellers is if Jax leaves with Tara and his boys as Charming gets swallowed up like Sunnydale at the end of Buffy and Samcro is just a memory.

But I do think, more and more, that Jax is going to die by the end of the series. Hunnam's star is rising in Hollywood, Pacific Rim (Sons of Anarchy with big robots! LOL even had Clay!) 50 Shades of Grey. I'll still see him as Jax, even after this show ends, although if he stays clean shaven and has a smart haircut and maybe talks with a bit of his natural accent. But anyway - I think Tara is going to end up a single mother with the boys, probably working with Diosa with Gemma and Nero as their private Doc.

I keep thinking about the 'endgame' of the series. Since Sutter's already close to writing the season finale - what I think would be interesting... start Season 7 as wrapping up Season 6's craziness. And then jump ahead like 10-15 years and see a more grown, Able prospecting in the SoA, walking past JT's old bike and Jax's. Maybe as a sort of rebel against his mom, like 'hey this is my legacy'. I sorta actually wanna see Phil as the President. LOL Why not?!

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