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Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics Volume 2 (SPOILERS)

Been reading Volume 2 over the last couple of days.

I've just finished the DiVono/Harris era and started in on the Shigetani strips. I fear we're at the end of what might be considered "good" as far as the LA Times Star Trek strips are concerned.

I'm a huge fan of the Warkentin strips in Volume 1, and DiVono/Harris did a fine job with their contributions.

Not only can't Shigetani draw very well, but his plotting and pacing are even weaker than his art. Five WEEKS into his first storyline, and almost nothing has happened. Oh, wait, Kirk just got beamed off the ship. FINALLY! a story beat!

Maybe it will pick up in a few months, when Shigetani leaves and Gerry Conway takes over the writing chores.
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