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Re: STiD, Kirk and the Abrams Team

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The comparison does not follow. Star Trek II and Star Trek Into Darkness are two completely different movies. It is true that both were popular for their day and that both have critics. But that is where your hasty generalization should stop.
Not sure at whom this is directed (and I don't suppose it really matters that much) but wasn't the point of the exercise to show that the types of criticism leveledóboth then and nowówere in many ways quite similar?

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Debate on the merit of the issue before us instead of trying to shut down all debate by saying "see how stupid you guys look?" And anyone who has the gumption to stand up and say this does not compare, apparently will be ridiculed?

If every movie has critics, why would you try and shut down the debate?
But no one is proposing any of that.

Debate has not been shut down, nor do I see that happening any time soon. Anyone wishing to draw or dismiss comparisons is welcome to stand up and do so, with gumption or without (but be civil about it - calling other fans or groups of fans stupid will not be tolerated, and may be actionable.)
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