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Re: Images of dinosaur feathers in amber

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Even the asteroid impact that wiped most of them out wasn't even a theory until 1980, when I was in Kindergarten.
With Shoemaker joining Walter and Luis Alvarez in the grave, the gradualists--uniformitarianists have started to come out of the woodwork again. The Channeled Scablands sounded like something a Young Earther would concoct, so all Catastrophists got painted with the Velikovsky brush--and it took a long time for impact theory to make its mark.

I remember when Meteor Crator was called crypto-volcanic.

Well, now, Discovery Channel had a special that aired not long ago questioning the dino killer impact.

Talk about denialism--something damn near blows a hole through a continent, and that folks question.

This is why I really wish I could believe in creationism.

" Hey, Ray Harryhausen! Have I got a job for you! It will take some time traveling, but I want you to help me shape the laws of physics so we can make the Rhedosaurus real.
Bonestell is in charge of the Moon now by the way. The blind forces of evolution and physics just led to dinos with feathers and humdrum lunar landscapes. It's time to kick things up a to make anti-gravity real and liquid hydrogen a dense, room temperature liquid."
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