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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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Just responding to a few which struck me:

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11. Fencing - You do not use a Samurai sword or Katana or whatever the heck that was in fencing. YOU USE A FOIL.
Not so. Even in Olympic/competitive fencing there are three different swords used, but fencing can more broadly apply to any sword combat for sport, including Kendo:
Fencing is the sport of fighting with swords. The most common version of fencing today, also called olympic fencing or competitive fencing, is divided into three weapon categories: foil, sabre and épée. Classical fencing uses the same three weapons, but approaches fencing as a martial art.
See also: academic fencing; historical fencing; SCA fencing, etc.
The OP can dislike whatever they want, but THIS is the one that irritates me the most after 4 years of complaints -- heck, it's not even really important to Trek like phasers and warp drive. Thank you for beating me to the punch, M!
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