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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

Okay, here's the stuff I liked...

I love the cast. They do a fantasic job of bringing my favourite Trek characters to life. They're quirky, fun and relatable, with none of the pretentious twaddle I hated so much from from TNG. Not quite the originals, but with the same spirit.

The energy. This is Star Trek with a shot of Cordrazine. Louder, faster, brasher. I've wanted all-out action Trek, and now I'm getting it. Want to discuss the situation in a meeting? Well tough luck because Khan is attacking in a stolen police ship! A stroll to engineering? The gravity's out and the ship's spiralling down to certain doom! Fun and adventure on a bigger scale than ever before in Trek.

I like seeing the Trek universe through fresh eyes. Everything has become so rigid and uniform from TNG through to Enterprise, I knew how everything would look, sound and act. I remember a Voyager episode where Harry Kim was stranded on Earth in an alternate timeline. He broke the law and got in trouble... and Starfleet officers came after him. I thought, "don't they have police on Earth in the future? Is everything run by Starfleet?" and every time we saw a computer it was the LCARS interface (Earth, united under one OS) - thankfully Earth is now a LOT bigger than all that. Countless cars, ships, shuttles, boats, police and rescue craft are there and all look unique just like in real life.

I like that they DON'T explain everything. They let the imagination fill in the blanks and in doing so create a universe that seems far larger and more diverse than what we saw in TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT. Kirk has a cyborg on the bridge. Praxis is in pieces and parts of Kronos have been evacuated. A lot of interesting things have been happening off-screen.

Continuity. They didn't have to tie in with classic Trek at all, but in making their "not just for Trekkies" movies they've included more nods and references than any prior Star Trek. Not only to the episodes and movies, but they've drawn on novels, comics, old technical manuals and even some videogames and ancient fanlore. It's completely insane how much they've managed to cram in. There are almost two movies running parallel - the one the casual viewer sees, and the one the hardcore Trekkie sees, where everything has extra significance.

There's more, but I'm rambling.
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