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Re: Goodbye Big Bang, Hello ‘Hyper-Black Hole’? New Theory On Universe

Perimeter Institute...that's Neil Turok's name

The deal with a four-D star is interesting.

The Space 1999 fans need to pay attention. In the episode BREAKAWAY we see a huge nuclear explosion knock the Moon out of its orbit. Now that's not possible. Any nuclear blast large enough to do that would shatter the moon, and you'd have to mine degenerate star matter to find enough fissile material to do that anyway.

The blast we saw on screen was really about the size of some modest asteroid hits the moon shrugs off--its orbit not being changed much if at all.

Worse, in "Breakaway," we see the Moon actually speeding up.

Nonsense I said to myself---and then I learn that--for real--the whole universe is actually speeding up.

So couple that with this new find, and I may have an answer. In Space 1999 we see a gravity intensification field, to alow folks on the base to walk without bouncing. Now, if it turns out one of those nukes was special, then it would not just be the raw force of the blast, but some type of entanglement--an interaction takes place.

Some of the blast is shunted away from the moon 4D style. Gravity is thought to bleed across the universe, that is why we can't seem to join it with other forces, as we did the electroweak. What the hyper black hole theory suggests is that concentration is what is needed, since the star is not as massive as the universe it spawns, it merely opened up a tidal wave of enough zero point to turn into matter via a big bang.

So we will say a smaller, shallow version of this happened on Moonbase Alpha, and the entanglement allowed the Moon only to feel the same force that forces out Galaxies apart more personally--and the next thing you know, the moon is blasted from orbit with a nuke too small to normally have had an effect.

I know, it's getting thick.

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