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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

Well guys, you all have given me some good stuff to think on.

Don't all starships have windows?
YEah this one made me feel really really stupid. I been so worried about the dangers of a viewscreen window, that I forgot about all the windows all over the ships to begin with.

Good call on the Fencing issue M'Sharak. I was not aware of that.

If I can remember all of this I should be able to run through these movies with a bit more Open mind.

I forgot one though.

12. KHAN - Magic blood. I know we have had silliness before (like curing that so called "evolving with injecting Paris with Anti-matter-hence why I don't like Voyager all that well, B$ science that doesn't make sense) But I think feature films should be able to keep better eyes out for this stuff. This magic blood is able to bring recently dead back to life, and terminally ill healthy again. Would this not make people want to incubate khan's blood to cure EVERYTHING? "Hey its the Terellian plague!!! Get some Khan blood."

Oh and someone mentioned I don't seem to have an OCD for apostrophes. (I can't look back in middle of typing a reply to see who) To that person, thanks a lot, now that you pointed out to me I'm obsessing over it.... lol.

The one I don't think I can ever get over and it seems to be a staple in cinema is the ridiculous lensflares. I don't feel like I'm there with the action, I feel like I'm looking through a window.
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