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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

Lens Flare - This was a really big problem for me in ST'09 in a stark white background (IE: The Bridge). It litterally put white spots in my eyes for several minutes after every bridge scene at the theaters (On DVD isn't quite so bad). The one scene I recall in Medbay with bad flares, wasn't quite as bad as the Bridge scenes. The rest of the movie, they weren't a problem for me, just the stark white background ones. I don't recall even really noticing any in STiD that were obnoxious.

Launch Date - Yea, TOS was very careful not to pin down their time period. There were hints it could be later than TNG+ timeframe, I think, and earlier than TNG+ places it as well, I believe, wasn't there?

Although, still a bit much, Cadet to Captain, many folks forget to include that at least he was a Lieutenant promoted to Captain, not an Ensign as some folks claim or imply(Not meaning anyone in this thread has, just that some folks do try to sell it that way). So, yea it's a legitimate complaint, but, then Anakin becomes a General awfully young. It's just a conceit of the Source material to put him in the chair right away, and they did address that he wasn't ready for the big chair in the new movie, by taking it away from him and making him earn it back. Many Fantasy/SciFi characters go from being an uninitiated or trained Farm Boy (or other cultural equivalents) to the Head Hero in charge on "The Heroes Journey", which Kirk just completed "First Victory after Hero's Mentor Dies" phase of, and now he's ready to burst out into the Galaxy and become "The Galaxy's Hero" (Many Heroes in this phase of The Heroes Journey make a lot of bad decisions gaining this first Victory, it's just luck, fate or quick thinking that turns the tide. They're emotionally compromised mourning their Mentor and having to do it alone)

The Supernova - think of it as Nature's Genesis Device
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