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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

Naw, Kate is cute too. Love her perky nose. I always hated the fact they pretty much covered up her freckles, as Janeway. I guess a Captain is not only not allowed to cry but can't have freckles or have fun either.

Speaking of fun....This was posted by Connie over on the Totally Kate FB and Tumblr account: It seems this TV pilot was unaired....Boo Hiss.

CARLY MILLS. Pilot (Comedy), 30 min., Unaired, Produced for ABC for the 1986-87 season. Production Company: MTM Enterprises. Director: Rod Daniel. Executive Producer: John Steven Owen. Producer: Rod Daniel. Writer: John Steven Owen. Kate Mulgrew is a traditional, old-fashioned mother, married to an overworked college professor (Jack Bannon), who has chosen to be a housewife and raise their four children because she wants to.
Cast: Kate Mulgrew (as Carly Mills), Jack Bannon (Evan Mills), Matt Adler (Pete Mills), Amanda Peterson (Trisha Mills), Hannah Cutrona (Brigid Mills), R. J. William (Jeffy Mills), Betsy Randall (Maggie Wallace), Rebecca Rush (Cynthia James).

Probably gonna get in trouble for posting this too.
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