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Re: was NX01 ever referred to as 'The' Enterprise?

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So? Do you say you're going to "the Chicago", or visiting "the London"? Those aren't people either, but they're proper nouns. Is it that hard to grasp?
Is it hard for you to grasp that many will address ships differently than people?
It's hard for me to grasp the idea that people will randomly change the rules of language when referring to ships but not people, places, or other things.
That's life. People will do things that you don't understand or don't like.
Is there something special about ships, particularly named Enterprise, that makes it hard to not say "the" when referring to it by name?
Nope, it's just a common practice by some people and not by others. For many, it was likely something they were taught to do in grade school (the Titanic, the Arizona, the Bounty, the Minnow, etc.).
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