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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

I also dislike the movies, but mostly because I just find them incredibly dull. But I'll address some of your points.

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1.Lensflares- This is my most pressing issue.
Meh. Doesn't really bother me.

2. TRANWARP TRANSPORTER- Mother Warper!!! Shakaree damn!!! What the Hell? This is Ubertech at its worst. You pretty much made starships obsolete. I can't explain in a post just why this is a really really bad idea.
I agree, totally stupid. I already was of the opinion that the transporter tech should be even more limited that what we saw in TOS. Like, you'd have to have a landing party of security officers shuttle down to the planet, secure the area, place transporter pads on the surface, and then have the rest of the group, the science officers, equipment and whatnot, beam from the Enterprise pad down to the the pad on the planet. Something as inherently magical as transporter tech should have serious limits. Maybe they can do this in the next reboot.

3. Cadet to Captain? - This would never happen. I don't care if you saved the United States from an Alien invasion, they are not gonna give you a Captain Rank with their most advanced Destroyer or Submarine.

4. Windows - F YOU MICROSOFT!!! no really Windows.
Doesn't bother me.

5. Spock and Uhura.... Yes Uhura was flirtacious with spock in TOS, but WTF? Actually I said that out loud in the theatre before I caught my self. I have problems with a lot of characters acting out of character.
I think they could do this right and make it interesting, but they haven't done so yet.

6. Chekov - Yeah that is not Chekov...well he's Chekov, but he's not Pavel. He's Pavel's older brother...
I'm not following.

7.Supernova- A supernova cannot threaten a whole galaxy. And even if it could, it would take over 100,000 years to destroy it after it exploded. If Alpha Centari went supernova...we wouldnt know it for 4 years. Thats plenty of time for Romulus to evacuate. Only way is that the name of the star of Romulas is Hobus.
I've only seen each movie once -- well, I saw 09 twice, but the second time was on DVD and I was distracted for most of the film -- so I don't even remember this bit.

9.SUPER DUPER DUPER SPEED. DO Starships not have a warp limit anymore? I thought they got to Vulcan fast, but from Qo'nos to Earth was just INSANELY fast.
That was the problem I started to have with the Berman universe, that the galaxy no longer felt big anymore.

10. The Enterprise - whatever happened to Robert April?
Nothing. He never existed in TOS, nor was ever mentioned in any other incarnation of televised Trek except for the cartoon.

And wasnt the Enterprise supposed to been launched in 2245?
According to who? Okuda? There is ample evidence in TOS that TOS didn't even take place in the 23rd Century. I'm fine with Abrams tossing out conjectural dates based on books whose sole purpose was to take all the disparate Trek movies and series created by different people with different visions and force them into a single narrative whether or not they really fit. As far as I'm concerned, TOS trumps all the derivative works created by other people, and all those "facts" and dates which came later can be chucked out the nearest airlock.

11. Fencing - You do not use a Samurai sword or Katana or whatever the heck that was in fencing. YOU USE A FOIL.
But you have to admit a katana looks cooler.
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