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Re: The 90's Golden Age.

I guess the ultimate question is, does anyone else agree with my assessment or is this mostly nostalgic nonsense?
I totally agree with you TNG/DS9/VOY, to me, was the heyday of Trek, and when I think of Star Trek, that is my favorite era. I still love TOS and the TOS movies, as well, and really, the TOS Movie era is my favorite movie era, as well, and to be honest without those 6 movies, we wouldn't have had TNG at all. So I have to include them in my favorite era, though it is a little early.

Star Trek 1,2,3,4,6, Generations (grew on me), FC are the heydays of movies for me.

Abramsverse movies to me are good movies, but I don't have the emotional connection to them I do with the rest of the movies.

My favorite seasons

TNG: Seasons 2-6, with select episodes from season 1 & 7

DS9:I am a fan of pretty much the entire run!

Voyager: Though I agree many episodes were hit or miss, and in some ways followed TNG a little too closely as far as formula, for me, there was far more good than bad about it, and I thought it had a lot of fresh ideas, too. At least until Season 7, then it started running out of steam for me.
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