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The Enterprise doesn't have that advanced warp capability, though.

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They even specifically point out in the film that there are in the Neutral Zone, lightyears from the planet.
I'm not so sure anymore. We do know they changed plans, though that raises the question of how they were planning on capturing Harrison without a means of hiding their presence such as a cloaking device. They are said to be 20 minutes from their destination when they are stopped, and it is said that this is 20 minutes in enemy space they weren't planning on. How are we to make sense of this? If they're talking about warp speed, and they're planning to sit and wait while the possibly warp-capable Mudd ship goes to Kronos, captures Harrison, and comes back, shouldn't they be talking about a duration of at least 40 minutes + however long it takes to apprehend Harrison? Also, later it is said that the Vengeance pursued them into, as opposed to out of, the Neutral Zone, but I know that can be interpreted in different ways.

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All the maps at Starfleet HQ show the Neutral Zone and Kronos' relative positions, and the planet is much deeper into Klingon space.
There's a map visible in a certain video ( but not really visible in the film itself as far as I know ) which does seem to indicate that Kronos is, as we might expect, not right on the border and thus not accessible from the KNZ at sublight speeds in any reasonable amount of time. I'm just not entirely convinced that the content of the film agrees with that map. Also, I'm just assuming that the most prominent feature in the Klingon-space portion of the map is supposed to be Kronos, but it isn't labeled.

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We don't know how long the Mudd ship was in warp flight there and back for.
Even though it's possible to assume the K'normian ship went to warp in a certain cut, the film seems to imply that the far-off object it's already aiming at when it leaves the Enterprise is Kronos. The background depiction of local space is the same, for example. However, I know this doesn't explain why the Enterprise was umolested by Klingon ships if it was so close to Kronos.
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