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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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I personally would love to see the return to the Prime universe. ITs the one I spent my whole life watching and studying. Its home to me.
What about folks who spent their whole live studying TOS only to have to put up with TNG and Modern Trek as a whole (not that it was how I felt)? ...
That's a reason why I think they should set the next TV series in the 25th century, basically doing what they did to the TOS generation to the TNG generation, but set it in the Prime universe. They could explore other galaxies (they could find a way to travel faster by then) for that unknown factor, they could show a post VOY galaxy for returning fans to say "oh, that's what happened" to, and it'll have a bonus source of revenue should new fans wish to go back to see what happened. It'll be a clean slate, but not really.
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