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Re: What's in a name?

Shawnster wrote: View Post
"Why is your ship named the USS Crazy Horse?"
Instead of being named the USS Thasunke Witko, which is in the original Sioux language.

Forbin wrote: View Post
We like to name military ships after battles. What if a peaceful, war-hating alien race finds out the origin of the name?
We would quietly sit them down and explain that Humans through warfare have brought about positive things like freedom, liberty, equality and the end of negative things like tyranny and slavery. We would also admit that it doesn't alway work.

This is who we were and who we are, and if with this knowledge the "peaceful, war-hating alien race" wishes to have nothing to do with us, we go about our way.

In other words Forbin, we'd be completely honest with them.

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