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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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It's not glare. It's the same momentarily illumination that belies the impact point on the bird of prey. On Enterprise -- a much larger ship -- The illumination there follows the torpedo's path across the hull and is present BEFORE the torpedo detonates; at the moment of impact it brightens only slightly before being swallowed by the fireball of the subsequent explosion.
It's glare. For it to be an explosion then the explosion point would illuminate everything in a spherical direction.
Inverse square law: the brightness of the flash reduces as a function of distance (which is why the TORPEDO doesn't illuminate everything around it.
We're talking about the beginning of the explosion which is a lot brighter and thus causing the glare.

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Only if it is equidistant from the impulse deck. In this case, it is actually 5 times closer to the bridge dome as the impulse deck, which means the reflection on the bridge dome is 25 times greater. The reflection on the rest of the ship is apparently too dim to be perceived at all.
The initial explosion frame shows that everything is slightly brighter compared to the previous frames. That is consistent with glare. You can see this effect when the sun is causing glare on the road. In the link the sun's glare appears to be on top of or very close to the trees but we know it's alot farther away.

If it were where you say it was, then the front of the impulse deck should have received enough illumination to be noticeable, like the other frame that I point out in my earlier graphic.

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Simple: Enterprise-A wasn't a new build.
Scotty thinks it is.
SCOTT: U.S.S. Enterprise, shakedown cruise report. I think this new ship was put together by monkeys.
Now it could be argued that they got a "new ship" as in a ship they've never had before, but normally you wouldn't need to take an existing ship on a shakedown cruise. If it were a conversion ala TMP then this upgraded ship would've gotten new equipment just like a new build.

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The displays on the back wall of the Stargazer bridge feature an LCARS-style graphic. Hathaway, IIRC, has several such displays in its engine room and a few on its bridge consoles.
I've seen them but they don't look like LCARS. They have a more movie-feel to them, IMHO.

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The Stargazer's log screen is more ambiguous, but fortunately is totally consistent with the display style seen on the Excelsior class ships. It COULD be consistent with some of the displays on the Enterprise-A, which -- again -- would explain why the ship was in such a sorry state in TFF (the retrofits didn't work nearly as well as Starfleet hoped).
If it was a retrofit, they ironed out the problems by TUC. If it was a new-build as dialogue indicated in TFF, then they still ironed out the problems by TUC

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Actually my suggestion is that the Constellations DID manage to upgrade a bit over the years; they were able to be kept current with only minor expansions and replacements of instrumentation, sensors, weapons and other drop-in components that could be easily integrated into their systems. The point here is that even the converted Constitutions couldn't be kept current so easily.
I'm in agreement here.

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There are about a dozen references in Okudagrams and background references. It's also implied as recieving the same upgrades as the Lakota in time for the Dominion War.
I figured all Starfleet ships should've got a huge upgrade for the Dominion War I'm just not familiar with these inset graphics/okudagrams that show an upgrade.

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In the case of the Constitution class, it appears the new systems that were being retrofitted at CONSIDERABLE cost -- to the old Constitution class ships were being designed into brand new starships from the outset, which would have unquestionably included expansion slots for new systems that were being planned but not yet fully realized. Since the original Enterprise was destroyed and the inauspicious Enterprise-A was eventually decommissioned (likewise, probably a very old design) it would as simple as starfleet simply choosing not to build any more Constitutions after the last two in the fleet were pulled.
I'm in agreement. Starfleet probably looked at the next upgrade/modernization for the Constitutions and canceled it.

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An expansion which was a feature of every NEW Miranda and Constellation the moment their hulls began construction. They wouldn't build them to the old configuration and convert them later, they'd just build them that way from the very beginning.
Exactly: in order to accommodate it, they built something OTHER than a Constitution class.

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The piping has to connect to the vertical shaft somewhere in the engine room.
It doesn't HAVE to at all. It possibly does, because Starfleet engineers like to be able to physically look at their drive cores, but on Reliant the intermix chamber can be isolated from the rest of the engineering compartment room (the same way it can on the Enterprise-D) without dropping a gigantic pressure door and cutting the main plasma conduit in half.
The E-D still had the horizontal piping connected to the vertical core. In TWOK, even though the pressure door was down, the Enterprise could still go to warp (we never see it lifted off.) IMO, that pressure door was up for easy access but there doesn't appear to be any reason why it couldn't be down.
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